Office Word templates make daily work simple and effective

With Office Word templates office work is easy and efficient

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Since Windows 3.1

Our expertise in Microsoft Windows and Office applications dates back to the introduction of drag-and-drop and TrueType font capabilities in 1992. Through many years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the challenges these products face and the skills that are required to master them.

Partner 4 agencies

We help advertising agencies in transferring letterhead designs to the Windows platform. Our attention to detail and knowledge of the possibilities ensures that every aspect of the design will be handled with care. Furthermore, we can provide expert advice on layout matters before the design process begins.


We have a wide range of clients: LBB Landesbank Berlin, City of Wolfsburg, Ei Electronics, dan pearlman, Berlin Brandenburg International School, Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg, Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, IBM and many others, as well as Mac-focused design agencies.

High satisfaction through easy usability

Focusing on users

Our Word templates ensure that the predefined design of letters or other documents is always maintained, even and especially when several users are working intensively with them.

Professional Office Word templates are easy to use. We create style templates for all necessary content elements such as headings, subject line, body text, lists, and more – simply click on the placeholder and start typing.

Individual customization

We customize Office Word templates to individual requirements. This applies not only to the basic design but also to protection against changes for certain areas of the template, or the automatic repetition of text elements on subsequent pages and the storage of quick-build blocks for frequently used content. We use only the standard functionality of Office applications and do not program any special VBA scripts or add-ins.

Professional Office Word templates offer many benefits

Optimize your office work

Our Word templates for Microsoft Office greatly simplify your daily office work – in small and large companies – as they significantly accelerate recurring processes. A suitable and specifically developed template is available for every writing task. This ensures consistent quality and minimizes errors in processing while saving time and effort. They also provide easy usability, which can lead to high user satisfaction. Overall, the use of Word templates can streamline office work and make it more efficient.

Reduce effort and costs

Investing in professional Office Word templates always pays off, as they simplify workflows, relieve employees and new staff don’t have to be extensively trained.

With well-designed templates, repetitive tasks can be automated, which saves time and effort and increases productivity.

Professional Office Word templates

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