Professional letter template design for Microsoft Office Word

Professional letter template design for Microsoft Office Word

Business letter templates

Our Microsoft Office Word templates for letterheads and business letters make daily correspondence a breeze, even for inexperienced users. Simply select the clickable placeholders and start typing

All text content is formatted automatically, controlled by specially adapted style templates that are adopted 1:1 from your corporate design. If no design is available, we will create a new one.

Our Word templates for letters and letterheads are well-functioning and handcrafted tools for your correspondence – at a fixed price – because many years of experience enable us to achieve an optimized creation process.

Examples of use

  • Business correnspondence
  • Letterheads
  • Serial mailings

Price without VAT =

315,00 €

= 374,85 € incl. German VAT

Scope of services: Design for the 1st page and 1 further design for all pages afterwards including a brief expert advice via mail – Discount from 2nd variant and Combination advantage with other template types.

Our fixed-price for Word business letter template design include these features:

Individual visual appearance

We create new designs or adopt existing layouts with precision and accuracy.

Standard-compliant layout grid

Meeting the industry standards for general letter and writing correspondence.

Pre-designed styles for all content elements

Custom formats for headings, texts and other types of content.

Clickable placeholder fields for text input

Click, start typing, and let the automatic formatting take care of the rest.

Vector graphics ensure high-quality prints

Crystal clear results in printing graphics and logos.

Address input field for window envelopes

Precisely aligned frame for the recipient address on window envelopes.

Automated date integration

Inserting the current date when opening the template (which can be changed later).

Automatic page numbering

Page numbers are inserted continuously beginning on the second page.

Different layout after the first page

Beginning from the second page, the document can follow a different layout.

Protection to prevent changes

To comply with guidelines, parts or the entire document can be locked against changes.

No use of VBA scripts and external add-ins

For security reasons, we only use the standard functionality of Word.

Compatible back to Word 2010

Our Word templates work with Microsoft 365 and earlier versions from 2010.

Our focus: User-friendly business letter templates

  • Open document template file
  • Click on placeholder
  • Write your text
  • Formatting is automatic
  • Save document
  • Print letter
  • or send letter by email

Benefits of professional letter template design

Using professionally crafted Word templates is an efficient way to create documents, especially when multiple team members are involved in creating and editing similar types of documents. The templates can be tailored to different purposes and ensure that the corporate design is consistently followed throughout all the documents.

Utilizing custom-made templates for Microsoft Office Word can significantly speed up the document creation process, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Our Word templates are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for even inexperienced users to create professional-looking documents such as letters, offers, articles, reports and more. The templates come with pre-formatted placeholders that can be clicked on and filled with content, eliminating the need for manual formatting. This makes it easy to create and edit documents quickly, without having to worry about the layout. Once completed, the documents can be printed out or saved as PDFs for digital distribution.

Top 9 reasons to use professionally designed letter templates

  • Enjoy working with Word
  • Simplify your office work
  • Perfect visual appearance
  • Automatic formatting of content
  • Reduction of processing times
  • Compliance with design specifications
  • Reduce editing errors
  • Minimizing storage volumes
  • Avoid unnecessary costs

Letter template design at fixed costs

We specialize in creating easy-to-use Word templates at fixed prices with no hidden or additional costs. Our team of experts has years of experience and knowledge, which allows us to continuously optimize our template creation process. This enables us to offer high-quality Word templates at affordable prices.

Our templates are designed to be user-friendly and customizable, making it easy for you to create professional-looking documents in no time.

Partner for design agencies

Mac-using designers love working with us because we offer a creative, competent, and uncomplicated interface to the world of Windows. We have expertise in both worlds, which allows us to transfer even the most unusual letterhead layout into a professional Word template design. We understand the challenges that Mac users may face when working with Windows-based programs and are committed to making the process as easy as possible.

Necessary software for using our Word templates

Microsoft Word is particularly widespread in the business world and is said to be the most widely used word processing program in the world. It is available for many operating systems and can be purchased or subscribed to.

Professional word template design

Get your business letter templates for Microsoft Word at fixed prices!